Funky Fused Glass iPhone 4 and 4S Charger/Dock

Are you tired of iPhone docks/chargers made out of plastic or brushed aluminum? Well if so, check out this cool handmade fused glass iPhone 4 and 4S charger/dock, the ‘StackDock’ by ScatCat Designs. All you do is plug your regular iPhone cable into the back of the dock, plug the USB into your computer … [Read more…]

Enter to Win a 13 piece Professional Bar Set!!

Sign up for the MixMentor newsletter and be entered to win a 13 piece bartending set! Every few weeks I (as MixMentor’s Mixologist in residence) write an article pertaining to cocktails to celebrate all that is good in the world. I’ve hosted parties, complete with printable menus and recipes, celebrated holidays and honoured birthdays, all … [Read more…]